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If you are experiencing a life threatening emergency due to a power outage, please call 911.

If your power goes out and you are a Redding Electric Utility customer, please call Redding Electric Utility at 530.245.7000 to report the outage. This number is attended on a 24-hour basis.

Note: If you see a downed power line, DO NOT go near it, please call 911 or 530.245.7000 to report it.


Check your fuse or breaker for blown fuses or tripped circuits. If they're okay, check to see if your neighbors are without power. If all your neighbors have power, and the outage is related to your service only, chances are the problem is with one of your fuses or breakers.

If your power goes out and you are a Redding Electric Utility customer, call the Redding Electric Utility at 530.245.7000. This number is attended on a 24-hour basis. When you talk to an Electric Utility representative, it will be helpful if you can provide any of the following information:


Severe weather might cause damage interrupting your electric service. Every household should have an emergency kit tucked into a cupboard in case of a power outage.

Your kit should contain:

Other handy items to consider having available:
Bottled water, sanitary water containers (if you rely on electricity to pump water), a thermos, firewood and kindling, camp lights and lanterns (do not use kerosene lanterns indoors unless you have proper ventilation), first-aid kit.


If there's a power outage, Redding Electric Utility crews respond quickly to repair the lines. Electric Utility Troubleshooters are regularly scheduled on a shift from 5:00 a.m., until 12:00 midnight. They are assigned to make an assessment of the problem and fix it, if possible, otherwise they notify the System Operator to call in an Electric Utility crew.

Occasionally, though, the problem isn't with the electrical lines running down your street or with the lines running to your house (service drop)- it's at your house. For instance, the meter base, the service mast, or conduit above your electric meter, and the weather head at the top of the mast all belong to you, not the City of Redding Electric Utility. If any of this electrical equipment on your house is damaged, you'll need to contact an electrical contractor to do the repair work.


While the power is out, your cold food supplies can be saved by following these simple tips:

Frozen Foods - If your freezer is full, food will stay frozen for about two days (depending on the weather at the time). If it is less than half full, frozen food will remain frozen for about one day. Cover the freezer with blankets, quilts or sleeping bags to further insulate the freezer and help food stay frozen longer. After power is restored, check all frozen foods to determine the extent of thawing. Dispose of any food that is discolored or smells spoiled.

Refrigerated Food - To avoid losing cold air in your refrigerator, don't open doors unnecessarily. Meat and fish spoil quickly at temperatures above 40 degrees F. Other quick-spoiling foods include milk, custards, creamed foods and any foods containing mayonnaise or eggs. Cooked and cured meat will keep for several days in a closed refrigerator. Hard cheeses keep well, even at room temperature. Again, if in doubt throw it out. You might also try placing bags of ice in the refrigerator, or place food in a cooler or ice chest.

Heating - Never use charcoal briquettes to cook or heat food indoors. Charcoal briquettes produce carbon monoxide. Odorless and colorless, a build-up of carbon monoxide can be deadly. Power outages can occur any time of the year. However, during cold weather the temperature inside your home can drop rapidly. Consider taking these simple precautions to stay warm safely and save body heat.


If someone in your home is on life support equipment and you experience a power outage, call the Redding Electric Utility immediately at 530.245.7000. Even before any outage may occur, the Redding Electric Utility would like to be aware of the locations of all life support customers who depend on City power. Contact us for information pertaining to our Life Support Notification program by calling 530.224.4384. We will add your name and address to a special roster that lets us know where life support units or oxygen supplies are used. We refer to the list for planned maintenance outages and will contact you first when planning to perform routine work on the lines.

This does not mean the Redding Electric Utility will automatically be informed of a power outage at your home, nor does it mean that we can restore your power first. However, it does allow us to be aware of your situation and do all that we can to help you in a power outage. Please remember that while the City of Redding Electric Utility works to restore power as quickly as possible to all customers, it is the responsibility of the care giver to have a back-up system and a plan of action to use in the event of a power outage or other emergency.

No one can predict when a power outage might happen. That's why anyone who depends on life support equipment, oxygen or refrigeration for life-sustaining medications should seriously consider owning a portable, back-up generator. While most life support equipment does have built-in back-up systems, the back-up period may not be long enough to cover a major outage. With a generator, the equipment will continue operating, and the patient may not have to be relocated to a temporary shelter.


Owners of portable or auxiliary generators should note these precautions. Never plug your generator into a wall outlet. The electricity generated by a generator cannot only ruin your home's wiring and start a fire, it will also feed back into the utility system and energize a line thought to be without power. An unsuspecting City of Redding Electric Utility lineman could be seriously injured or killed by contacting lines that have been back-fed from a portable generator.

Permanently installed auxiliary generators must meet electric codes and have a transfer switch to prevent dangerous back-feed of electricity into power lines. Contact a licensed electrician. Also, please notify Redding Electric Utility if you have a permanent generator installed at your home or business.

Portable generators are gasoline-powered and should always be placed in a well-ventilated area. Use an indoor/outdoor, grounded (three-prong) extension cord to connect your generator to an appliance.


If you have a home computer, it's a good idea to protect your work before any outage. Here are some computer related power tips:

To report an outage:

Call: 530.245.7000, or e-mail: